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"I’m sorry. Was that embarrassing?"



My obsessions—4/∞                   Jensen’s scruff

The one thing hotter than Jensen is Jensen with scruff. I’m not talking full on beard I mean when he doesn’t shave for a few days or how he said that he has to use a straight razor because Dean has to have slight scruff—I like just a little more than that. Holy fucking wow it is hot. Oh my god…just thinking about it dives me insane. His fucking perfect jawline, his beautiful face, those green eyes, the freckles then you add in some fucking scruff and I almost have a freaking stroke. So yeah I am obsessed with that.


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Mimi. 23.German - but living in Switzerland. cheeky, unbridled, fun-loving, nasty, nice, obsessed, polite, lazy, ecstatic, funny, lewd, pierced & tattooed, untameable, blah blah blah?
*i chocolate
*i g4m1ng
*i good movies
*i gorgeous women & handsome men
*i MSV Duisburg
*i nerds
*i yummy food
*i cats & dogs
*i English
*i driving
*i sunny days
*i fruits
*i boobs
*i the scent of vanilla
*i Hollywood Undead - sexy beasts!
*i piercings & tattoos
*i MotoGP (rrrrrawwwwrrr - speed)
*i herp derpin
*i the internet
*i languages
*i music
*i tv series such as
SPN - The Vampire Diaries - NCIS: LA - Hawaii Five-0 - Justified - The Big Bang Theory - Chuck - Himym - Castle - Dexter - 2 Broke Girls - NCIS - LOST - Eureka - 2 and a half men - New Girl -
... - some will get more attention on my blog and others won't (:
*i Supernatural as part of my daily routine.
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