Posted on February/23/2011
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    # my grandma used to play this game with my brother when he was a slightly overweight baby called count the chins and i...
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Mimi. 23.German - but living in Switzerland. cheeky, unbridled, fun-loving, nasty, nice, obsessed, polite, lazy, ecstatic, funny, lewd, pierced & tattooed, untameable, blah blah blah?
*i chocolate
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*i gorgeous women & handsome men
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*i English
*i driving
*i sunny days
*i fruits
*i boobs
*i the scent of vanilla
*i Hollywood Undead - sexy beasts!
*i piercings & tattoos
*i MotoGP (rrrrrawwwwrrr - speed)
*i herp derpin
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*i tv series such as
SPN - The Vampire Diaries - NCIS: LA - Hawaii Five-0 - Justified - The Big Bang Theory - Chuck - Himym - Castle - Dexter - 2 Broke Girls - NCIS - LOST - Eureka - 2 and a half men - New Girl -
... - some will get more attention on my blog and others won't (:
*i Supernatural as part of my daily routine.
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